For this assignment we have to decide 10 Signs that it is truly spring time:

1. The Grass is greener than it has been all year

2. There are people everywhere sitting outside doing homework, eating, and even tanning.

3. The sounds that you can hear are wonderful, whether they are birds, bees, or people enjoying the nice weather.

4. The girls are pretty. There are more people out and about and it brings out the beauty in people, especially the ladies!

5. Blue skies, slight breeze, and warm weather should be enough to know that summer is right around the corner.

6. Sun burn! Fair skinned people, like myself, are burning to a crisp already!

7. Animals, whether it be squirrels, birds or dogs, there are just more of them, and they are seen more on campus.

8. The snow is all melted, Finally! No more snow, or at least we hope!

9. What people wear has certainly changed. IN the winter time people are swearing sweats and cold weather gear. Now people are starting to show more skin, by wearing tank tops, shorts, and bathing suits!

10. Flowers, plants, and trees are starting to bloom, with a little more water and some more sun, this campus will be beautiful in a couple weeks.

I love this time of year for all these reasons. These are just the beginning signs of summer. Summer is right around the corner which means, beach time, boating, fishing, and of course more sunburn!


Louisville Beats Michigan 82-76 For NCAA Title

CBS Philly

ATLANTA (AP) – Rick Pitino capped the greatest week of his life with the prize he wanted most of all.

Luke Hancock produced another huge game off the bench, scoring 22 points, and Pitino became the first coach to win national titles at two schools when relentless Louisville rallied from another 12-point deficit to beat Michigan 82-76 in the NCAA championship game Monday night.

This title came on the same day Pitino was announced as a member of the latest Hall of Fame class, a couple of days after his horse won a big race on the way to the Kentucky Derby, and a few more days after his son got the head coaching job at Minnesota.

This was the best feeling of all. The Cardinals (35-5) lived up to their billing as the top overall seed in the tournament, though they sure had to work for it.

Louisville trailed…

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Roy Oswalt Tweets That He’d Like To Return To The Phillies

CBS Philly

By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – As the Phillies were losing, and Roy Halladay was struggling once again, most Phillies fans seemed to be at a loss for words.

But a former Phillies pitcher had a suggestion. Roy Oswalt would love to come back to the Phillies.

Oswalt took over the Twitter account for his official website, and said he hasn’t “felt this good since 2010,” and he would “love to come back to Philly, loved [his] time there, amazing fans.”


The timing seemed both apt and questionable, as the Phillies look like they are in need of a pitcher, but that may be at the expense of Oswalt’s former teammate Halladay.

Oswalt followed up on his comments Tuesday afternoon, when he said that Halladay’s struggles have nothing to do with his desire to pitch for the Phillies.

Oswalt 2

Oswalt went 4-3 in 17 starts with the Rangers in 2012, with…

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CBS Philly

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Cleveland Browns linebackers coach Billy Davis will be the next defensive coordinator for the Philadelphia Eagles, a report says.

Geoff Mosher of Comcast Sportsnet reported the news via Twitter. Davis was one of many names rumored to be hired for the position.

The Eagles have yet to officially announce any official additions to Chip Kelly’s staff. Kelly was hired on January 16th.

Davis coaches the 3-4 defensive scheme, the same system Kelly is rumored to favor for the Eagles, who ran a 4-3 last season and for the last several years.

Davis was defensive coordinator for the Arizona Cardinals in 2009 and 2010, and for the San Francisco 49ers in 2005 and 2006. He’s coached defense in the NFL since 1992.

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News Reading Assignment

NFL Had Worries About Power Outage Before Super Bowl

“While authorities investigate the causes of the 34-minute Super Bowl blackout, documents show that Superdome officials were worried last fall about losing power at the big game.”

I was interested in reading this story because I am a sports fanatic and I found it interesting that the NFL new about the possibility of a power outage before hand and for some reason did nothing to solve the problem. This article shows that an inspection that took place back in October said that there might be a power failure during the big game.


Is Joe Flacco An Elite QB In The NFL?

“Is _________ an elite quarterback?” is an often-asked question that’s difficult to answer. That blank was filled with Eli Manning’s name after last year’s Super Bowl, and is filled by this year’s Super Bowl MVP, Joe Flacco.”

I found this article interesting because like it says, this a frequently asked question and I wanted to see what they had to say about Joe Flacco. The author of this article in fact does not believe that he is an Elite quarterback, which I disagree with.


‘Give A Pint, Get A Pint’ At Montgomery County Blood Drive

“Giving a pint of blood can earn you a pint of something tasty at an upcoming Montgomery County blood drive.”

I wanted to read this article to see how to get a free pint of beer. I found out the way to get a free pint of beer was to go donate blood and they would give you a coupon for a free pint, whether it be of Ice Cream, soup, or beer.

Article # 3 for Nes Reading Assignment

CBS Philly

GLENSIDE, Pa. (CBS) – Giving a pint of blood can earn you a pint of something tasty at an upcoming Montgomery County blood drive.

The drive is happening at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Glenside on Friday, March 15th from 3 to 8 p.m.

Simply show up and donate a pint of your blood, and you’ll get a free coupon for a ‘pint’ from a number of local businesses. At Rita’s, it’s for a pint of water ice, while Peas in a Pod is offering a pint of homemade soup.

But perhaps the best bang for your blood is the Glenside Pub’s offer: a free pint of beer!

To sign up for the blood drive, visit: and enter sponsor code 0222560 or zip code 19038, and the date of 3/15/13.

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Article #2 For News Reading Assignment

CBS Philly

By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – “Is _________ an elite quarterback?” is an often-asked question that’s difficult to answer. That blank was filled with Eli Manning’s name after last year’s Super Bowl, and is filled by this year’s Super Bowl MVP, Joe Flacco.

The “elite quarterback” question is so hard to answer, because it’s so hard to define. It doesn’t really mean a “top five quarterback,” as there could be more or less than five elite quarterbacks depending on the talent in the league. People like to use post-season success as part of the measuring stick, but it can’t be everything. Dan Marino is proof of that.

People were in a rush to put Eli Manning into that category after his second Super Bowl, but it’s hard to imagine an elite quarterback playing as poorly as he did at times this year.

It’s sort of like the “does _______ belong…

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