Article #2 For News Reading Assignment

CBS Philly

By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – “Is _________ an elite quarterback?” is an often-asked question that’s difficult to answer. That blank was filled with Eli Manning’s name after last year’s Super Bowl, and is filled by this year’s Super Bowl MVP, Joe Flacco.

The “elite quarterback” question is so hard to answer, because it’s so hard to define. It doesn’t really mean a “top five quarterback,” as there could be more or less than five elite quarterbacks depending on the talent in the league. People like to use post-season success as part of the measuring stick, but it can’t be everything. Dan Marino is proof of that.

People were in a rush to put Eli Manning into that category after his second Super Bowl, but it’s hard to imagine an elite quarterback playing as poorly as he did at times this year.

It’s sort of like the “does _______ belong…

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