News Reading Assignment

NFL Had Worries About Power Outage Before Super Bowl

“While authorities investigate the causes of the 34-minute Super Bowl blackout, documents show that Superdome officials were worried last fall about losing power at the big game.”

I was interested in reading this story because I am a sports fanatic and I found it interesting that the NFL new about the possibility of a power outage before hand and for some reason did nothing to solve the problem. This article shows that an inspection that took place back in October said that there might be a power failure during the big game.


Is Joe Flacco An Elite QB In The NFL?

“Is _________ an elite quarterback?” is an often-asked question that’s difficult to answer. That blank was filled with Eli Manning’s name after last year’s Super Bowl, and is filled by this year’s Super Bowl MVP, Joe Flacco.”

I found this article interesting because like it says, this a frequently asked question and I wanted to see what they had to say about Joe Flacco. The author of this article in fact does not believe that he is an Elite quarterback, which I disagree with.


‘Give A Pint, Get A Pint’ At Montgomery County Blood Drive

“Giving a pint of blood can earn you a pint of something tasty at an upcoming Montgomery County blood drive.”

I wanted to read this article to see how to get a free pint of beer. I found out the way to get a free pint of beer was to go donate blood and they would give you a coupon for a free pint, whether it be of Ice Cream, soup, or beer.


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