For this assignment we have to decide 10 Signs that it is truly spring time:

1. The Grass is greener than it has been all year

2. There are people everywhere sitting outside doing homework, eating, and even tanning.

3. The sounds that you can hear are wonderful, whether they are birds, bees, or people enjoying the nice weather.

4. The girls are pretty. There are more people out and about and it brings out the beauty in people, especially the ladies!

5. Blue skies, slight breeze, and warm weather should be enough to know that summer is right around the corner.

6. Sun burn! Fair skinned people, like myself, are burning to a crisp already!

7. Animals, whether it be squirrels, birds or dogs, there are just more of them, and they are seen more on campus.

8. The snow is all melted, Finally! No more snow, or at least we hope!

9. What people wear has certainly changed. IN the winter time people are swearing sweats and cold weather gear. Now people are starting to show more skin, by wearing tank tops, shorts, and bathing suits!

10. Flowers, plants, and trees are starting to bloom, with a little more water and some more sun, this campus will be beautiful in a couple weeks.

I love this time of year for all these reasons. These are just the beginning signs of summer. Summer is right around the corner which means, beach time, boating, fishing, and of course more sunburn!


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